The new era of Blogging world has come where the opportunity for someone to be Guest Blogger wide open and this means gold mine a Blogger, Internet Entrepreneur or Online Marketer in developing his favorite blog. This article I took from one part of the free e-book series ” Inspiration Development Blog ” my own writing. Here I will cover some important notes about Guest Blogger. By reading the following short review you should be able to find out the answers to the basic question about Guest Blogging. What is Guest Blogger / Guest Blogger? What are the advantages of being a Guest Blogger? How and where to become a Guest Writer?

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Guest Blogger becomes a Writer on Blog Owned by Others

You will be referred to as Guest Blogger or Guest Blogger or Guest Writer when you write at least an article on someone else’s Blog. The writing that you write is generally tailored to the general theme of the Blog where you become a guest writer. To take advantage of the Guest Blogger, usually in the article contains a paragraph about you, the following links to Blogs that you have. Some Blogs provide a description of the way along with more specific terms of writing that you have to make but some others do not include it. So when you have a useful post, just send it to another Blogger for loading,

7 Advantages of a Guest Blogger

  1. Your name, Blog, brand, existence, and credibility will be known to more people as you write on many websites or Blogs.
  2. Your thinking will be better known to people. Your Blog readers will increase rapidly when your writing is liked by others, no wonder that as more people see your writing will increasingly know your skills.
  3. Your writing skills will be more perfect because when we write for other people Blog, we tend to be more careful, conscientious and do not want to make the slightest blame.
  4. Pagerank (rank of fame) Your blog will increase, along with the increasing number of backlinks that lead to your Blog
  5. Traffic (visitors) to your Blog will be more and more. Opportunity source traffic from Google more booming, because the most effective blog optimization is to off-page SEO (looking for popularity from outside our Blog / Website itself).
  6. Although for some Bloggers, writing on other Blogs get compensated money, vouchers, gifts to become Guest Blogger but when we do it for free we can benefit quite a lot.
  7. The more you give, the more you receive.

Simple Steps Starting Being a Guest Blogger

Actually, we are all potentially great to be a successful Guest Blogger, just the difference is quite thin that is: want to try or do not want to try. I previously warned that being a Guest Blogger is an addictive activity, you would be addicted to doing it many times once you know the benefits and feel the impact for your reputation and the popularity of your Blog.

So just say if you want to write on Blog of others. Look for Blogs that are roughly the theme of writing in accordance with your pleasure in writing. Where? – Search through Google and enter the keyword/keyword Blog theme you want to search. So we can write in the scope. The closer the theme or topic that the Blog has with the Blog that we have the more advantageous both parties, both Blogger guests, and Blogger host.

Find the contact details of the owner of the blog (eg email), if he is used to receiving articles from outside Blogger, usually there is a special page about the description of writing articles for the Blog. But when you do not find it, it does not matter. With the email capital of the prospective host Blogger, we try to communicate and the possibility of our writing can be loaded. Of course, you have to introduce who you are and your interests, so the target can consider and your chances of writing will be bigger. If you are ready, just send your writing, for example not yet, convey your desire to be a contributor to the posts and ideas you have.

What about the format? Most Blogger hosts are happier when receiving posts in HTML format, so he does not hassle in formatting the subject like internal or external links, bold, italic, underline, and so on. Before creating or posting, ask yourself: Does my writing fit on my own Blog? Is it possible that my writing can be liked by two or more readers for whatever reason? Suppose you answered “yes” to the two questions then it means that your writing is ready for circulation. In addition, you can read how to be efficient Guest Blogger a la Jean-Baptiste Jung.

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2 Things That Benefit Beginner Blogger :

  1. According to my observations, there are three people who rarely do Guest blogging on Blog others. Senior bloggers (who are too picky), Blogger Jaime (fear of imagery down), Blogger Arrogant (what are you writing for others, my writing is qualified, exclusively available on my Blog). If Blogger beginners are usually more daring to spread the posts on many blogs without many reasons. The more the better. Even some Professional Blogger Guys long ago have a neat schedule about the idea-seeking period, creating inventory/inventory in various categories, finding host targets, communicating,
  2. The majority of Blogs that are growing, will be happy to welcome your writing with any potluck quality. So that’s the field of doing your new hobby of being a Guest Blogger, either as a side activity, cultivate fellow Blogger relationship or seriously become a professional Guest Blogger.

There are some Glossary of Blogging :

If you have any query related to blogging or related terms then in Glossary you will be provided with satisfaction knowledge.

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