The Internet is an exotic place where many surfers surf for learning something or to be entertained and for many more purposes. Some of us use funny videos, images or jokes for being treated or for laughing. When the matter comes to weird websites, then there is something unusual more than you can imagine. There are much more best weird websites on the internet that will amuse you.

best weird websites

According to a survey in 2012 more than 640 million people browse websites at a time. Finding the excellent weird website is tough. In our this article we are going to discuss some best weird websites, which will help you to kill your boredom. Some of the websites are interesting enough that can blow up your mind and you compel to think that what kind of this websites are. Once you use that weird website, then you can be habitual to these websites when you suffer from boredom.

List of Top Weird Websites :

Endless Horse ( :

best weird websites

This website comes on the first number in our list of Best Weird websites because it will blow up your mind. This website will force you to think that what the hell is going on. When you enter on this website than a horse which is made by text will appear. But the fantastic thing will look when you scroll down the page. The horse will never end as much as you can scroll the page. Search the end of horse can make your dull period so exciting.

Eel Slap ( :

weird websites

Another weird website for time pass which comes on the second position in our list of best weird websites. When you open the website, a person in the photo will appear, when you move the cursor on the image than an eel’s hand will slap the person in the photo. You have to move the cursor left and right to hit the guy in the picture. Whenever you feel down open the website and start slapping someone. The speed of slapping the guy will depend upon your cursor movement if you move the cursor left and right slowly then slap will be in slow motion and vice versa.

Falling Falling ( :

websites wirded

As its name suggests that it will be related to something falling. We know that if something falls then, it will land on some surface. But marvelous thing about this website is that in it falling of abstraction animation is endless. If you concentrate on it, then it will blow up your mind, and it seems to you that the thing is falling endlessly. This website will show you only dropping nothing else.

Clever Bot ( :

weird sites


It is a fantastic website to kill boredom. Sometimes we want to make conversation or chatting with anybody when we are suffering from choppiness or flatness. On this website, you can make intelligent conversation with an artificial smart object online. Answers from Cleverbot will surprise you and tends you to think about it. You can spend time as much as you can on chatting with Cleverbot. Before launching of Siri to apple and google assistant to google device that was the application which interacts with people and conversation with them.

Snap bubbles ( :


When any newly bought stuff was wrapped in bubble sheet, then everybody wants to snap the bubbles even it was a high time pass. You can also catch the bubble not only physically but also on your computer screen. You cannot always snap bubble when you suffer from boredom in the real world, but in the virtual world, you can do it all day long.  For enjoying the bubble snapping, you have to give permission to adobe flash reader if it is already provided then you can continue with the game. Its concept is straightforward, a cardboard sheet will appear, and in-between it a bubble sheet is there, and you have to click on the bubble to snap them.

Check out Some Useless Websites

Zoom Quilt (

zoom a weird one

Have you ever visit a website in which there is zooming and zooming? Well, I don’t think so that you have ever seen this kind of weird website.This is a mind-blowing website because there is infinity zoom in it. A moving animation abstraction script will play, and there will be only zooming in the text. It is a good time pass, and you have to do nothing more than browse the website. There are lots of animation and choice is in your hand, you can play any of the animations. Once the script reaches the end, then it will restart from starting point without any buffering or reloading.

Tholman (

a weird one

This website has something weird in it because there is writing and drawing come together. In this website, the user can not only write but also can draw something with written words. When you start writing in it, then move the cursor in the shape of drawing which you want to bring. It becomes a little bit complicated to read the lines from the sketch. Sometimes the random text appears there in the design even I don’t know how the casual version looks. But I tried to read it, and you actually get coherent sentences.

Hypnotoad (

weird websites


This website is one of the best attractive weird websites. When this website is opened then a toad’s picture will appear with some texts “ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.” If you want to hypnotize yourself for relaxation, then this may be valuable. You will be captivated along with some creepy music.

Feed The Head ( :

websites are weird

This is an absolute must-visit website. It is one of the most terrible games you’ve ever played in your life. The goal is to make the head disappear, and there are various things you can do with the nose, eyes, mouth, head, and everything else. The game is so desperate that you can even find guides online discussing how to beat it. It is a marvelous website and also a good time pass. I bet that you have ever not played this kind of online game. Another best part of this best weird website is when you click on its nose then it will be removed, and a new nose with new shape will add. It is an excellent online game you should try it.

Flight Radar 24 ( :

best weird websites

We know that flights and airways make our traveling very simple. We can move to another country within some hours or within one or two days visiting. This website I am going to tell you is one of the weird useful websites because we can see the flights which are taken off. This website works like a radar that can determine the current location of any trip not only in your particular area but also in worldwide. Even it can show the plane name and timing of taking off and landing time. If you have nothing to do or you suffer from boredom, then you can enjoy or get some busy in watching live flights in your nearby.

Zombie Passions ( :

one weird website

This is a beautiful website with a lot of fun in it. Along with fun, you can interact with your friends. This website can be perfect time pass for zombie fans and zombie lovers. Like Zombies need a place where they can meet, chat, make friends, and even date. It is very similar to Facebook, as we find and talk with our friends we can say that it is a total zombie place where all zombies are connected.

Pointer Pointer ( :

best weird website

If you are looking for a website which is really mind-blowing and tends you to try again and again, then this is what you looking for. When you click anywhere on the screen, then a picture will load there. The loaded image will point the finger at your cursor location. When you try it, I bet that you will test it by move cursor on the screen and it will indicate the cursor again and again.

Click to Remove ( :

weird website

There is nothing exotic on this website, but still, it is one of the best weird websites. It has not any complicated concept in it a straightforward idea is used. There is a three-word sentence “click to remove” is on the screen. Each letter of the sentence will be removed when they clicked. When you removed all the letters, then it will again start with the same sentence.

Conclusion :

We have discussed best weird website list by their output and rating. I’d browse these websites first then implement here with my personal experience. If I talk about my experience on these websites, then they are delightful. In fact, when i suffer from boredom I browse these websites without waiting my time anywhere else. I personally recommend you to once use these websites, and if you really like these websites to share and like and also share your personal experience in the comment section, we would love to hear you. I hope this article will be useful to you.

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